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High Waisted Jeans

A high waisted garment nowadays is a woman’s go to. It’s flattering on most body shapes and shows off your body’s best features. High-Rise or High Waisted Jeans are designed to sit on or above the wearer’s hips. By the jeans sitting on the hips it accentuates your waist and makes it appear smaller. It also gives the effect that you are taller than what you actually may be, giving an illusion of longer legs. It elongates the lower half of your body making it appear leaner. Curvify Jeans has a comprehensive approach as we feel every individual wearing our garments deserves to feel their best.

The High Rise Jean is the most chosen compared to other jeans and this is because of how many woman feel confident in a pair of High-Waisted Jeans. You get all shapes and sizes of the high-waisted jeans and all these different leg shapes, colours and sizes give a very different effect on every individual. High-Waisted Jeans also have a huge advantage when it comes to movement as they do not fall down at all.

When it comes to woman and men, men have a fairly basic sizing structure. Woman get to choose from the leg shape, length and waist size. Whereas men find it much easier picking one pair from another. We want to make it as easy as it is for men, for woman to choose the best size.

What is Rise?

Rise is the distance from the starting of your hip and measured from how high it goes. Pant rise is relevantly important because it is set on where your pants will sit your body, this will affect how your waist line and hips are perceived. Choosing the right rise can become difficult as it can result in a benefit by making your dimensions perceive differently. However it can sometimes make you look disproportionate.

At Curvify Jeans we want to create variety among our jeans/pants, in result making shopping for High Waisted Jeans & Pants Online much easier.

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We are dedicated in making shopping for High Waisted Jeans & Pants Online so much easier for you. Do not hesitate to contact us or continue browsing through our website and discover more.

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